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No Winners, Just Broken Hearts

Listening to the rhetoric of this war reminds me of a sports tournament. We beat them by however many points, or they beat us by however many points. But it is not points we are talking about and there is no trophy. The points are human beings with families and loved ones fleeing their daily lives, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not.

Whose side shall we take in the tournament? After all, we feel very good about ourselves when we have a side to back. Will we pick the green in Lebanon — they are the underdogs — or shall we pick the blue in Israel? We would perhaps feel better about the blue if they lost more men. Is this how the world looks at a conflict, as a glorified tournament?

In this tournament we must of course have a winning side, otherwise how can we ever sit down and talk to each other? So the green and the blue will go on claiming victory until the very last man, or until they realize that no one wins. And then what? Shall we all leave the battle to lick our wounds? Shall we go back to life? For some, a life after that will never be the same. What about all the loved ones we will never see again? For what did they give up their lives? A further status quo? A life of uncertainty, a roulette of survival. My heart aches for every picture of the victims I see in the paper. I understand what is waiting for the mother and father and all the family and friends. I know the longing, the pain and the eyes constantly brimming with tears, anguish and hurt. There is no winner, only a greater collection of broken hearts.

Mothers of Israel, Lebanon and Palestine: How many more graves until we shout stop?

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Urgent Appeal for Peace in Palestine and Israel

URGENT… Friends, Regardless of your position on the current conflict in Palestine and Israel, we need to do what we can to help the innocent people who’ve been impacted by the war. In recent days, over 100,000 Palestinians have been asked to vacate their homes in Gaza in preparation for a comprehensive air, land, and sea bombardment. Yet, they aren’t able to cross the border into Egypt or Israel and they can’t escape by sea — so they have nowhere to go.

Homes, hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities, and news media offices have already been bombed — so Gaza is becoming unlivable. In one area, water has been cut off from a refugee camp that has a population of 70,000 people (35% of these people are women or children under the age of six months).

At present, global emergency humanitarian aid groups are mobilizing to increase aid to the area. According to the United Nations, “Only 50 percent of sewage pumping and waste-water treatment systems are believed to be operational and 900,000 people lack any water supply.” This is a serious crisis which unfortunately may have substantial negative repercussions for everyone. It will take years to recover from what has transpired in just

Please do what you can to help promote peace in the area as soon as possible.

I’m not going to flood my Facebook page with appeals and news. Having Palestinian and Israeli friends, I’m also sensitive about offending either side by simply expressing concern for both sides.

For those interested in following the news, including forceful appeals from both sides, as well as those calling for unity and peace between both sides, you can visit the following Facebook page. It’s a resource for those in the middle, working to promote peace, and attempting to understand the divergent narratives.